About Me



Hi there, I’m Hrishikesh Dasgupta!

I’m a Technology enthusiast and have intermediate skills in Pentesting Websites & Games. In the past years, I’ve been trying to improve my skills in this field. I have always been keen to learn more every day. I really love to help individual content creators such as YouTubers by helping them with their videos, blogs & more.

I’ve been working with Stick Run for over a year and a half as a Moderator & Pentester. I previously used to work for a game on Facebook called as Stick Surf for over three years, however the game had closed down in May of 2017.

I love to make videos on YouTube, and I put in all my effort when I make a video. Making YouTube videos has been a passion to me for many years. I also write articles regarding technology & gaming on multiple blogs I own.

I personally believe in hard work & dedication rather than depending on something temporary or someone. I intend to start a registered business soon with my own unique business model.