Reaction Channels – The Most Hard Working Content Creators

Reaction Channels – The Most Hard Working Content Creators

Have you ever come across channels that “React” to content? If yes, then you’ve witnessed the most hardworking content creators on YouTube. Now the reason I’m saying this is because they take the effort to watch someone else’s video, make exaggerated reactions and biased opinions on them.

In the name of promotion, these “Youtubers” react to someone else’s content and make money out of it. The qualification needed to become a reaction channel depend on factors such as what audience they’re targeting towards. For example, a Foreigner reacting to Indian content will bring in Indian viewers.

If you want to make a reaction channel, it isn’t very hard. All you need to have is a Laptop, a biased opinion and a set of set of dialogues to keep the fan base coming back for more. This works more effectively if you’re a foreigner reacting to Indian content.

People who run Reaction Channels are people who are too incompetent and/or lazy to make content of their own, that’s why they rely on someone else. Now the main reason I’m writing this article is to make a point that YouTubers who work hard on making quality content barely get any views or money, but Reaction Channels don’t have to do half of the work. All they do is react to someone else’s content with fake expressions.

The reason reaction channels thrive is because of its viewers. As I mentioned earlier, people who run Reaction Channels generally tend to have a biased opinion so that they can entice their viewers. For example, a Pakistani Reaction Channel says “Indians are awesome!”, “Wow, Indian Movies are awesome”; people will start subscribing to him/her.

I will not call out any specific channel here, but all I have to say is that Reaction Channels are parasites on YouTube.
This is my personal opinion and it’s not targeting any specific individual. Now I might receive a lot of hate for this, but these are facts.