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×     Please Note: Item Worth Stated Here Has Been Voted By The Players & Isn't Set By Us. Items Are In An    Alphabetical Order, Not Price Wise!

Outfit Of The Week!


The Items Below Are High Worth Items.

High Worth Rares

Bloody Mouth


Cowboy Boots

Crazy Troll Face

Red Eyes

Feather Hat

Feather Shoes


Green Bandana

Green Girls Hair

Golden Shoes



Napoleon Hat

Pilot Hat

Psycho Eyes

Radioactive Skin


Sad Troll Face

Summer Cap

Summer Glasses

Tikki Hat

Zombie Claws

Zombie Eyes

Zombie Mouth

The Items Below Are Medium Worth Items.

Med Worth Rares

Blue Bandana

Black Hat

Blue Background

Police Hat

China Hat


Rainbow Skin

Winter Cap

Winter Gloves

XMas Hat

The Items Below Are Low Worth Items.

Low Worth Rares


Army Hat


Baseball Bat

Baseball Hat

Cowboy Hat

Darth Vader

Fireman Hat

Gas Mask

Ghost Cap

Golden Bro Cap

Money Cap

Pirate Hat



Wizard Hat

Xmas BG

The Items Below Are High Worth Premium Items.

High Premium Items

Angel Pack

Black Skin

Blue Ice Skates

Builder Pack

Cereal Meme

Cupid Arrow

Cupid Hair

Cupid Wings

Cupid Pack

Cupid Glasses

Detective Tie

Detective Pack

Diamond Shoes


Epic Beard

Fashion Bag

Fashion Glasses

Fashion Hat

Fashion Shoes

Fashion Pack

Forever Alone

F*** Yeah Meme

Fuuu Meme


Ice Shot Gun

Millionaire Pack

Ninja Kick

Ninja Star

Ninja Pack

Skip Boost

Stick Run Skin

White Wings

Winter Pack

The Items Below Are Medium Worth Premium Items.

Med Premium Items

Blue Winter Cap

Blue Winter Gloves

Blue Winter Scarf

Builder Boots

Boxing Gloves

Detective Glass

Detective Hat

Detective Shoes

Gun Man



Builder Hat


Lol Face

Magic Wand

Magnifier Glass

Millionaire Case

Millionaire Hat

Ninja Band

Ninja Eyes

The Items Below Are Low Worth Premium Items.

Low Premium Items

Beer Cap


Joker Hat

Millionaire Glasses

Roman Hat

Troll Face